Oh Where Are Thou Clarion?

There’s quite a kerfuffle on the clarion newsgroups (news.softvelocity.com) at the moment. It all began with a question regarding the strength of Clarion in Australia, as the poster is looking to possibly move here. They were (I think) trying to guage just what work prospects exist for a Clarion Developer.

The responses are an interesting read. I guess that’s the way of newsgroups, you get all quarters weighing in with their words.

Now, I put my three cents in, so I won’t reiterate it .. well .. i probably will.

I’m not prepared to take on board the opinions of people who are jaded by their own experiences. Now, that’s not invalidating their experiences, just that it’s not for me to admit that there is nothing at all for Clarion Developers in Australia. That kind of really grinds my gears.

And I’m not even gonna grind on about it, cause there’s nothing there worth it.

Here’s what I think.

All it’s gonna take to raise interest in Clarion is this ::

  • Someone starts a blog/website that talks about / shows products done in Clarion – Check many times over
  • Said blog/website gets Slashdotted, and BAM, immediately you have millions of potential clients – Not Yet, but I have dreams :)
  • Building on this interest, and generating other interest (seeking out magazines for articles, interviews, building an awesome, professional web presence, possibly shaking hands with members of parliment, you start to raise external-from-the-web interest
  • Time Magazine interviews you because you’re making such waves that even they can’t mistake the juggernaut that is the New Clarion Movement

Okay. I got a little carried away there.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a Clarion-Only website. There’s plenty of awesome tools we should be adding/updating in out kit .. but Clarion is one of the best and brightest of them. Screw all the problems that are there, i’m looking at it from a purely means-end point of view. If in a few hours I can get a Project Management application built that has it’s own Web Server .. no naysaying is going to change that awesome ability of Clarion to get that done.

End Rant I think. I’ve gotten lost a little.

Over the next year, Dev Dawn is going to be focussing on building a web presence for Clarion, and other development tools. Finding the best means of development. Biased, no doubt .. but the results will stand up for themselves.

Perhaps it’s all the rain, or that fact that i’m turning 30 in a month (I know, newb-age still), but it seems I’m getting more overtly-opinionated.

Cheers and ‘Nuff Said for the moment,

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