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I had a couple of minutes with a Sony PSP yesterday.

Following are my thoughts, random and stupendously innane ::

  • I’d have to be travelling a LOT to use one, because with a laptop in front of me, what can it offer above? .. in my mind, nothing.
  • If I were travelling, I’d probably go for a Nintendo DS as the adventures of Mario and Link, and some Dogs, are far more preferable to anything the PSP has to offer .. except perhaps ..
  • Movies. This is about the only thing that puts the PSP into another category. Possibly.

In the end, the controls aren’t as nice as the DS. It looks good, but doesn’t offer me much in terms of application. If I want to game, then I really want to GAME .. and Nintendo gives me that in spades.

However, I have neither machines, and love my laptop to bits, the big huge beast. It, and my larger, older, beast at home, give me everything I need at this point in time.

Come the day I travel the world searching for lost treasures, or fighting evil vampires, perhaps I’ll take a closer look.

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