Fun with Formatting

Since last Thursday, I’ve had a wonderful chaotic experience.

My first format and reinstall on this laptop.

She now purrs along a fair bit faster than before that terrible day when certain registry errors started appearing.

So for two days I copied the contents of the harddrive and then reinstalled windows (twice, because the first time I didn’t use my dell cd).

Have spent the last couple of days (and still am) getting back to my dev environment. It’s amazing just what I had grown used to. I’m going to blog the tools one day. A list of them.

A good little nugget to come out of them was that I knocked up a password keeper system. Very simple. A browse of the records. Each record has a Type Detail and the Password.

Edit :: Just realised .. not enough info for the Website Type. You’d need to know username as well. This is mostly for logging into cms backend.

It’s easy. Quick. I’m sick of losing all the passwords I have around the place. Now they are centralised.

Nothing much more at the moment. Still got a mountain of stuff to get through. Work. Work. More work.


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