Meandering Down The River / Paddle Upstream

The dedication to our work sometimes requires more than just excitement. I’ve talked about this before. Most of the time it’s going to be slogging it out, rather than flying on the high.

This is particularly true when you are gaining no (perceived, and usually monetary, or fame) return on your investment for the bulk of the initial work.

This is particularly true for people like me at this time. Jack of too much, Master to noone. Or something like that :).

This is particularly true when you haven’t got the entrepreneurial fire. To create something out of nothing.

Right now, I’m feeling (feelings aren’t very good when trying to run a business, but they are there nonetheless, and a good tool to use rightly) sick of getting too creative, starting too many cool ideas, having those ideas in the first place, working my jack-a-trade body to the fat-covered bone.

I’m not saying this is watershed-stu or anything. Just that those opportunities aren’t going to wait for a more opportune time. I can’t sit wondering, waiting, then moaning because once again I’ve got a single client for a piece of software i’ve put hundreds of hours into. Or even software that’s still in beta (eeek, Projman hasn’t had an update for a couple of weeks, what’s doing????).

Thanks for tuning in to listen to my brain-straining moments of emotional turmoil.

Cheers till next we meet,

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