Sometimes I get sad about the Clarion Community.

I’ve had a couple of mIRC channels running lately, apart from #cw-talk .. #gamedev (Game Dev) is a gaming channel, but a lot of the talk is about general programming.

And it’s sad, because even though there’s plenty of people jumping on with hairbrained ideas, they’re new people. Life. Wonky life, sure, but _life_. And the Clarion channel doesn’t have that.

The Clarion Community does have life. But not in terms of newbs coming in. I was a newb (i still am in a lot of ways) .. but that was 5 years ago. I think i’m one of the youngest clarion devs out there, and this year was the big 30 for me.

This isn’t a rant, nor does it have a solution. It’s just a _pondering_. Clarion is such an awesome development tool. It deserves to have a better life. And it will, I’m sure. Clarion 7 will bring at least a few more new people, even if it’s just because you can now .NET stuff.

If Dev Dawn ever makes it into the big league of blogs (the Reboot really does need some tightening before that’s gonna happen) .. then I’ll be pimping Clarion. I pimp Clarion now. But with readership .. I could have a lot more influence.

‘Nuff Said for the moment ..

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