NextG .. What Is That, Like AliG?

I wrote this late last week, but shelved it because i don’t really like being critical. It doesn’t help, and who am i to say people do things wrong?

Nevertheless, because i’m strapped for something substantial to put up at the moment, while i’m working on the Reboot .. thought it would make an okay post.

More than likely it will just show how i didn’t research the subject well enough. I actually did read up afterwards, and Telstra is just doing what any other comm. compmany does and wants to do. Hyping their Service/Product. And here in Australia, Telstra can do it bigtime.

Friday 13th October 2006

Obviously someone at telstra missed out on a few strategic moves.

Searching Technorati for "Telstra NextG" (without the quotes), reveals ..


Now, I realise we’re backwater yokels down here on the bottom of the earth, but come on. Seriously, this is worrying. Not a single blog (Telstra pimp or otherwise) generating noise about this .. well .. here’s a quote from the webpage (before actually getting to the content .. another wonderful decision from the web head honcho) ..

Next G is the next generation mobile network, bringing high-speed, wireless broadband internet to mobile phones and laptops across Australia. At launch, Telstra’s Next G Network will be more than 100 times bigger than any other 3G network in Australia!

Telstra’s Next G Network – delivering a host of personal and business services straight to the palm of your hand.

Okay, here’s a shot of the site.


Apart from the fact that I don’t like, and shouldn’t have to, select what kind of site I want to enter into (I understand why they make this decision, but don’t like it) .. I’ve got a pressing question.


"Faster, Simpler, Everywhere you need it."

What is IT?

Clicking into the cool direction button .. we get this,


With a little song snippet looping in the background. 

You say goodbye, and I say hello.

You say Yes, I say No,

You say Stop, and I say Go Go Go,


You say goodbye, and I say hello,

Hello, hello,

I dunno why you say goodbye,

I say hello

Hello, hello,

I dunno why you say goodbye,

I say hello.


You say goodbye, and I say hello,

Hello, hello,

I dunno why you say goodbye,

I say hello

Hello, hello,

I dunno why you say goodbye,

I say hello.

Riiiight. Apart from the fact that this repeating while right a review-ish blog post is totally fun. TOTALLY. My ears are bleeding.

"Hullo" is bearing into my skull.

Perhaps I’m missing some important points (don’t know if the song is actually a mainstream one, not up on that) .. but why have a line "You say Yes, I say No" .. that just seems wierd to me.

Why would NextG say No to me? Maybe they’re putting in a disclaimer for their porn filtering or something :).

Anyway, onto the site.


Down the bottom are the three links I was immediately interested in.

Each of the three links jumps you to their (the link name) specific page in the normal-looking Telstra website .. with some images and text letting you know NextG is .. roxor awesome.

Enterprise (link):


Business (link):


Wireless Broadband (link):


You know what .. I’m gonna call it how it is .. A great steaming pile of cow dung.

And if it’s not, then show me something more than ..


It’s not available for our wireless broadband mobile plans, but it will be soon.

Pardon me sir, but why then is it on your Awesomely Awesome NextG webpage?

I think they were pressured to released this NextG thing early. Way early. And so, they had to come up with a way of generating interest without actually telling us what it was.

Sure, it’s going to give us nationwide connectivity to web and foxtel and .. people. Well duh. Isn’t that what most phone/internet providers do and/or want to do?

Back to my initial point, which is validated partially (I think at least) by the premise it was a rushed launch.

There is little to no noise being generated in the web blogging world. Why is that? It’s like they completely forgot that part of the equation. Maybe they didn’t think it was part of the equation. That’s fair enough. Blogging isn’t that important.

Mad cakes.

What would I have done? Simple. Start generating interest through a well-established blog (which should have been in place for Telstra a long time ago). Actually, more than one blog .. has to be. Contact some important blog’s and ask them if they’d like to come and talk about NextG in interviews.

(Man that song is driving me nuts. Perhaps I should close the window ..)

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