I’d Cry If There Were Any Tears Left

Ha ha ha. I’ve been reading way too much fiction lately. Melodrama.

Anyway, a few things.

The Day The Whiner Cried .. A Call To Arms is an article done up for the nourishment and benefit of the Clarion Community. Read it and weep. No. Read it and Be Encouraged!

Work is progressing with Archer. I’m readying a new release of DeleteThem (this subdomain redirect seems to be broken, here’s the actual link). I’ll be pushing out releases of all three products within the next while. A major component of each release will be the Updating functionality, courtesy of SafeUpdate, another fabulous Capesoft product.

Apart from that I’m gearing up for sales. Have realised that each of the Product components on the Archer site needs a "Pricing" page. Will probably do that tonight. Sales is something I want to get right from the beginning, but the reality is, I won’t. So, I want to get as much right as I can. Be as prepared as possible, so that when something goes tutsup, I can respond quickly and efficiently.

Been having fun getting more active on the newsgroups. Am trying to make it a daily thing. Not the perusing, cause that’s easy. The active conversing. Pimping the site, products, but also just being a presence.

Lastly, I’d like to point you in the direction of Clarion Desktop. This is a product created by Gary James of Strategy Online. I’ve been rabbiting on lately (see article above, and the Fox story) about Community etc for a while. Gary has built a product that is _all_ about community. It’s a great piece of workmanship. Sure, there are probably things that could be done with it, I’m not worried about that right now. What I see in Clarion Desktop is a vehicle for great things. Purpose. Vision. A product such as Clarion Desktop allows us to pass something easy and awesome onto newbies. It’s going to make life for old timers, middle timers, and new timers a lot easier .. PLUS .. it’s a news portal. Gossip door. "Wha’s Happenin" linkage. This is good. Very. Good. So thumbs up for Gary! And at something like 30 dollars for a years subscription, it’s a no brainer for supporting the community.


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