The Good-Looking Cousin Has Arrived

The more I think about it, the more Clarion .NET excites me.

But for the moment, I am content to gaze upon the wonderful glory of a new IDE .. Clarion 7 (Beta) has made it to my doorstep.

It was a strange surreal moment. This was no doubt due to my being up at 3 am living on caffiene and not much else. But also, it was because the email finally arrived, gtalk popped a little message up .. and I couldn”t do anything but install.

I”m not really interested in recompiling my old apps just yet. More, I wanted to just get a feel for the new IDE.

I”ve got an actual review coming. Snagit got a workout last night. But until then, here”s my prognosis.

  • The IDE is good.
  • The icon will take a while getting used to, simply because it”s not the blue triangle.
  • The code editor is simply gold. Love it. This is where I”ll be doing my best work. And this is what I want to be really good. And it is.
  • The dictionary (read only) is okay. A little slow to load certain things. I remember this was the case at the Aussie DevCon. Not sure why this is, but I”m sure the guys are well aware of it.
  • I”m a fan of the ms project layout. I like all the IDE bits and piece, menus here and there, folding away, being able to walk through the files, that sort of thing. Elements that users of MS stuff have had for a while. It”s going to make Clarion such a superior product. In my opinion.
  • Don”t have Vista, so can”t get a look at the Vista styles/manifests. Recompiled the School app, but didn”t notice much difference. Not sure if I did everything right though. As mentioned above, it was late. I was tired. And reading documentation is for the well-rested. Ha ha.

Anyway. Nuff said. Almost did the review right there. Ha.

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