Things That Change .. Things

Life for all of us has it’s craziness. I can imagine life for the Soft Velocity guys must be pretty hectic right now. Hectic would probably be the least of it.

A while back, I posted regarding my latest project, using Clarion and the NetTalk WebServer.

I’ve been pushing myself, working on 5 or so hours sleep a night, not just once or twice a week, but 5 or 6 nights a week. It’s intense. And not really long-term. Can’t be, the body starts to fall apart.

Last week, to compound my absolute excitement about this project (, as mentioned before, only goes to the demo site at the moment), I stumbled upon a javascript library.

It’s going to change the world. Wait. I think it already has. Originated from the Yahoo! UI library I believe.

Anyway, I’m purposely keeping things a little behind the scenes. Need something concrete to show. Suffice to say that combined with Clarion and NetTalk WebServer .. what you can create is just awesome. More than awesome. I use that word too often, so imagine it’s being spoken by a gruff mountain axeman who rarely speaks except to deliver such epitaphs as "Eat my blade" and so forth (Obviously, "Ate my blade" would make a better _epitaph_).


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