Selling Domain Names

Jesus Moreno has posted on the newsgroups about his selling of some domains (most/all of which have "clarion" in their name).

This has prompted some very aggressive conversation. It’s one of those topics that sounds pretty harmless until you actually talk about it.

On one hand we have the very real choice that is Jesus’ alone. He owns the domains, he can do whatever he wants with them.

On the other hand, there is the moral question that people have raised, implying that people buy up domains with the sole reason of selling them later.

Thankfully most every reply gives the proper response .. which is: It doesn’t matter!

1. You can’t raise moral questions.

2. They are owned. Owned.

3. An Owner can do what they want with what they own.

4. This is a pretty useless thing to argue about. The topic _should_ have been harmless.

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