Time Management (Project Dimes)

Here’s an idea.

It’s based around a Time (and Project) Management understanding.

  1. Not your normal management system. The main point of this web server is to get people to actually note down what they have done for the day.
  2. It will monitor the times they have logged in.
  3. It will send reminders out at set times.
  4. For each day, the User logs in and inserts a new record. They give: Start Time, End Time, Projects Worked On (String, autocomplete, maybe del.icio.us type functionality), point form description of work done for the day.


Not sure how reliable this would be. The System’s "police-ing" functionality can only go so far.

But it would make people think through what they have done. And management can get all the good stats, be able to see people’s frequency, _when_ they are entering their times.

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