What If Larry Page Wanted An App?

Larry Page

Image by niallkennedy via Flickr

Imagine this.

It’s an ordinary day. Minding your own business, coding away, you are a little annoyed when the doorbell buzzes. It disturbs the sanctity of your workplace.

Of course, when it’s Larry Page standing in your doorway, there are only two reactions.

1. Punch him in the face because you are one of the wierdos who doesn’t like Google, or,

2. Invite him in.

Larry knows your name. He’s been watching you, watching what you’ve been doing. He and his Crew are very interested in Clarion, and you are the man to push interest into actual development.

He gives you 6 months and the insane financial backing of Google to write an App in Clarion .Net.

What App would you create with Clarion .Net?

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