Who Is ChattyDM And Why Should You Care?

I’m starting a series. It’s about people. The idea is to _point_ to people.


Who is ChattyDM?

About three weeks ago, exploring deep into an ancient Mayan temple as I do every September, I came across a scroll. It was old. Old and older. A prophesy of great power. It said .. That Phil and I were actually long lost brothers, bound by chords of nerdery and geekness far stronger than mere mortal friendship.


Chatty (Phil Menard) started his blog, Musings of a Chatty DM, back in July 2007. Here’s his first post, Blogging or bugging my friends? That’s just over a year ago, and he’s already amongst the premier Role-Playing Game blogs in the world.

What does Chatty do on his blog? I’ll tell you in his own words:

I like to talk about D&D, Tropes, Coolness in RPGs, my current campaign (Prep and journal), my geeky thoughts and my poking at the Crunch and Fluff of my favorite RPG.

Chatty is a guy who will further your imagination. He’s a compassionate Dad who’s passion for story-telling flows out into all facets of his online (and offline, given posts like this).

Why should you care?

Stories are universal, regardless of whether you play Role-Playing Games. Chatty understands the art of _telling_ stories. He’s open and friendly and has a great sense of humor.

That’s why you should care. Because stories are part of our fabric, both individually and collectively.

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