What Does Fearlessness Have To Do With Anything?


Last night, amidst getting a new version of Oldaer out, I was inspired by Will Carling. We’ve been Twitter buddies for a couple of months now. He records his opinions, and sticks the videos up on the web (mostly at Rucku).

At about 10pm the fearlessness came  upon me. Doubt was nowhere to be seen. Pragmatism too was off on vacation.

It was half three at least before I fell asleep. And in that time I’d managed to:

Every project I start is potential. There are lessons to learn, processes to follow, disciplines to enact. And there is hope.

I don’t start a project thinking it’s going to fail. I don’t begin with my mind on all the problems. On reality.

I begin with fearlessness.

Do you have moments with this kind of fearlessness?

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