Software Development Is Not like Writing A Story

I’ll be doing another post replacing the “Is Not” with “Is” soon.

109drhorrible-nph-01 In a story, you can’t have a lot of perfect characters. That’s boring. So when you write a story, you write imperfections into the characters, into the situations, into the fabric of the story itself.

In a piece of software, you CAN have a lot of perfect features. Even in a small piece of software, you want 2 or 3 features that rock hard.

A story with Wolverine, Bill Adama, Rand al’ Thor, Captain Mal, Han Solo and Peter Petrelli would explode under the weight of all that awesomeness. But a piece of software with all of that awesomeness would be, well, peachy.

I realise that the above characters are not perfect. They are all flawed. But they are perfect “main man” characters.

And yes, my argument here is flawed. Ha ha.

A story needs flaws. A piece of software needs perfection.

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