Space Office Fight





Space Office Fight is a simple space action computer game.

You should be able to finish it in fifteen to twenty minutes, sometimes quicker!

IMPORTANT: Space Office Fight is built in Python 2.5 with the amazing PyGame 1.8.1 library (so it’s cross-platform).

At the moment there is only a Windows Install. Others will be coming. If you like you can download the Source. With this, if you are running Linux or a Mac, you can run the game if you’ve installed Python and PyGame.

Once you have Python and PyGame installed and the Source ZIP file unzipped somewhere, open up a command prompt into the source folder and type “python”.

Current Version is 1.0.0

Download Windows Install

Download Source (ZIP, 1 meg)

Download Source (RAR, 1 meg)


Manual (of sorts)



  • Running into Enemies will not necessarily kill you. You can use it to your advantage, but keep a look out for Health powerups!
  • Firing the Main Weapon will decrease your Experience, but only marginally. Don’t be afraid to be trigger-happy!
  • If you die, you lose all your Powerups, except Max Health and Bomb Count. The lesson is, don’t die. This can be devastating in the later levels.
  • The amount of Experience you gain for killing an Enemy is proportional to your Speed. If you are not moving, you get zero experience.




The Player, an unknown hero. Although it’s you.

Frustrated and dejected, you have stumbled into the core of the earth, which as it turns out, isn’t burning liquid magma. It’s space. And it’s full of Bosses and Management Types and other nasty things.

Oh, and you’ve got a laser gun filled with CDs.

manager Manager. Plentiful in this place, and easy to dismiss. However, be careful because they are Insta-Death for the unwary.


Visiting Suits. You know the drill. They’re looking at you in your cubicle, being ushered around by Management. You’re told to smile and act nice like a good monkey, and the bananas will be given out later.

But the Bananas never came! THEY NEVER CAME!

Visiting Suits move a little faster than the Manager, so watch out!


Upper Management. Wiley individuals, their cry is “COMPLETE” as they throw Tasks at you.

They’re tough, although slower than the Visiting Suits, on account of the numerous luncheons and dinners they attend.


CEO. Ahhh, the big kahunas. They’re trouble. They wave the magic wand and cry out “It’s Magic”. Because that will solve everything.

Be careful of these fellows, they are the toughest Enemy yet in your Space Office Fight. Fast and deadly.


Board Member. You don’t actually get to see the Board Member, but a “representation” of them. Because they exist in the nether regions of space and time and contiuums .. ahem.

The Board Member is a dangerous beast. Lots of health, devastating “Pretentious Lunch” Credit-Card weapon, and when they die, Sycophants are spawned!


Sycophant. Toady. Brown-nose. Butt-kisser.

After losing their master, their king, their leader (Board Member), the Sycophant loses it and explodes a short time later.

Beware the shrapnel of a Sycophant!


Boss. Composed of the other Enemies (not Sycophants though), the Boss strikes fear and loathing into all who gaze upon it’s face.

The Boss has all the Enemy Weaponry at it’s disposal. It’s fast. Is an absolute tank (loads of health), and will pretty much insta-kill you on touching, unless you have an incredibly high health.

The Boss IS the end-game.




Lifespan. Increases the time the bullet/weapon instance is alive.


Damage. Increases weapon damage.


Through. Increases the number of Enemies that a single bullet will pass through (and damage).


Multi (Shot). Ahhh, blessed Multi-shot. Increases the number of bullets fired at a single go.


Max Health. Increases your Maximum Health and refills your current health.


Health. Refills your current health.


Bomb. The more of these you have, the more awesome craziness you can unleash!



weapon-one32 Main. The CD is a formidable weapon in the hands of a master. Treat it well. Upgrade it with Powerups, and it will not let you down.


Bomb. That’s right. Music is the clarity of the .. blah blah. This little number will explode in all directions. It’s a sight to behold!

weapon-three-baseAutomatic Weapon. This little number guards your back. It fires out “cog” bullets at random intervals, and the weapon has the same powerup abilities as the Main. Well, most of them.

weapon-task32 Task. Thrown at you by Upper Management, the Task can hit you hard. Be careful!

weapon-magicwand32 Magic Wand. The tool of all CEOs, like the Reality Distortion Field, makes all things better. Except you. It hurts you. Very badly.


Credit Card. Beware the lure of the Pretentious Lunch! Every Board Member shoots out volleys of 4 Credit Cards, and they pack a real big punch!



Movement – Arrow Keys

Fire Main Weapon – Left <CTRL>

Drop Bomb – Z

Stop Moving – Spacebar

Menu – ESC

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