The Rugby Man – Reason Why A Drinking “Ban” Won’t Work

Still pumped from the match last night. There was good and bad, however the crowd around where we sat changed my mind about things. Will speak about it in the next Episode.

Also, have some fantastic stuff in mind for the Match Report :)

It’s going in the next Episode, but thought I’d spring this text-wise upon you now.

There’s been a fair amount of news here (separate links) in Aus over the weekend with regards to alcohol misdemeaners by sporting profiles.

Instituting a ban won’t fix anything. That completely misses the point.

You want to start solving the problem? Institute real penalties. Dock Pay. Take players out of the weekend match. STOP THEM PLAYING.

Show some gumption and make them penalised in the best way available. These guys love, or most of them do, to play footy. Stop them playing.

The problem is, and here is the rub, that the Management DON’T REALLY SEE IT AS WRONG.

So until the Coaches, Club Management, State and National bureaucracy actually think it’s a bad thing, this will continue un-abated. Yup, I’m calling out whatever moral code you think is holding together our society.

I’m certain there are Coaches who do work hard at putting procedures into place, and who do have a problem with this. It’s not everyone, but the statement still holds.

It’s time to start thinking about the future. Meshing together the very fabric of who we are as a people. Sporting stars are a big part of that in our world today.

Time to think a little in the opposite way.

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