Installing Windows 7, Even A Monkey ..

Windows 7 Over the past couple of days I’ve put myself through installing the Windows 7 RC.

Apart from one grossly stupid moment of my own doing, it’s been a fantastic experience.

If there was a single word I could give about Windows 7, it would be:


I’ve gotten a few tips together in this experience.


  • Get an External Hard Drive (and BE PATIENT).
    • I picked up a Terabyte one from JBs. While the copying of files can be stupidly slow (especially if you’re using Vista), it’s worth it. I’ve got a lot of potential and actual money on my Development Laptop (DevTop, just because).
    • I lost my 8G music collection because I was too quick to delete folders without waiting to see what I’d forgotten _about_ said folder.
    • Makes me cry on the inside AND outside.
    • Also, I’m not sure about plugging my iPhone in. It’ll Synch, which is bad. It’s currently got my latest music on it. The music that doesn’t exist anywhere else.
  • Be courageous.
    • Especially if you’re running Vista, and you’re a Developer, MAKE THE LEAP.
    • The Windows 7 installer makes some really intelligent decisions, the best by far being to back up NOT ONLY your Vista (or other) Windows folder, but all of the “windows” folders throughout the system. Users, Documents, etc etc. Very handy.
  • While Installing, make a list of essential programs you remember.
    • I found it a good experience to go from memory. Why?
      • Because it removes the clutter. Only install what you remember using a lot. The other stuff will come.

My Important List

That’s what I’ve got so far.

And there you have it. Tonight will be my first foray into some serious development, using Clarion 6. Have had a few gotchas implementing that as well. Being that Clarion 6 is a 16-bit IDE doesn’t help so much :)

Windows 7 .. Tip of the hat and kudos to the team!

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