Manual (Space Office Fight 2)

Hi there!

Your mission when playing Space Office Fight 2 is to defeat the Conglomerate, a being of vast almost unbelievable power!


  • For fast-levelling concentrate fire purely on the highest level Enemy on the screen. They give the most experience.
  • If you are wanting to better your stats, then be careful with your Bullet weapon. Don’t fire willy-nilly.
  • Hope for a Multi-Shot! They are game-changing Powerups.



The Player, known now as “The Guy Who Beast The First Conglomerate Invasion”, is a humble white-collar worker who is experiencing similar dreams to those that happened a year ago.




Manager. Weak, although numerous. These Enemies will soon be but a blip on your radar.




Visiting Suits. Those that come in packs, laughing and joking and making you feel all small and tiny and helpless.




Upper Management. Tough. They’ve earned their spot near the top of the heap. Don’t be fooled by their sweet talking and pleasant eyes, they are Enemies.




CEO. Wowza. Tough as nails in boots and wotnot. Careful.




Board Member. Hard as hard-coredness. They don’t come any tougher than these guys. Give you nightmares. Well, actually, it’s the Conglomerate that gives you these nightmares, but that’s another story.




Friend One. That’s right. You’ve got friends. They have a portion of your strength and power.




Friend Two. Smart. Funny. Got your back.




The Conglomerate. This is the one who has been sending you the dreams, the nightmares, the darkness.

It’s (it’s probably a he, but noone is really sure) full plan is yet to be revealed, but for the moment, you have to defeat it.

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