The Problem With Rugby In Australia ..

.. Is that it’s primarily to be watched either at the game or on Fox Sports.

Larkam, Truly Great Now, I love going to games. But I rarely get to, because I make the decision to stay at home with the family most of the time.

But I really REALLY don’t want to get cable.

So what am I left with?

The Tests the Wallabies play are shown on *Pleb* telly, but that’s about it. The great “ONE” channel doesn’t show hide ‘nor hair of Rugby.

ED: This isn’t exactly true. “One” did show some rugby last year apparently. And the ABC has the Shute Shield games, which are pretty cool. Some good rugby is played there.

It doesn’t matter what the reasons are. To me, as a lover of rugby, all that matters is that I can’t watch the regular matches on telly.

I’d really like to see this changing, but it probably won’t. Too much money is involved I would think. But then, they have plenty of League matches over the weekend.

Surely there’s enough room in the pleb schedule for a bit of Rugby?

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