Rebirth, Starting My Websites Over

It’s been a long time.

Since a lot of things. Like blogging. Like knowing what is going on with my web presence. Like caring about it all.

What galvanised me was that my sites, all of them hosted in one place, started getting Google offside.

“Huh? What buffoonery is this?” I would ask myself as the emails flooded in.

I was told it was because my WordPress installs weren’t up to date. Some of them weren’t. But some of them were. I believe it’s called hacking, and not the nice Angelina+Johnny kind.

Space Office Fight is potentially unsafe. What? No? Not my game development expertise that will land me a high-paid gig with Blizzard? This cannot be!

The Plastic Detectives might be not safe. What? Who dares blemish the sanctuary of that wonderful piece of film that my progeny, wife and I created? This will not stand!

Galvanised into action, a raging fire in my belly, I thought it’d be a simple issue. Just swap them all over.

Ahhh, but how? What do you do?

Easy. You take one cup of initiative (read: paying 9 dollhairs a month for australian web hosting with unlimited addon domains). You mix it with a liter of hard work (creating all the emails, changing the dns records). And then you add a layer of icing on the top (Forwarding all urls to this one).

There you have it. A cake, or roast dinner, or .. Mmmm. It’s too late at night to be thinking about roast.

And so, I begin again. After having way too many sites, and finally working within a position that engages me to the point of my creativity being channeled completely into it, it’s too much.

I plan to gradually put up all the “content” from the past few years. Not posts. But things like the Games, the Movies, the Songs. And maybe the Stories. A few Youtube video links.

Plan. We’ll see.

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