A Simple Answer

For a while now, I’ve been trying to get the K2 Rolling Archives to work properly with the way I want them to show 3 posts per page. I had gone over my code again and again, and it seemed to be the way things should be.

Then, I was reading the K2 Forums, and out of the corner of my eye read something that twigged. In the WordPress Reading Options, you can set the number of posts per page.


Now, when you use the Rolling Archives above, three posts will appear for each "page".

Sweet Candaaay. Bam.  (re The Big Zapper, upholder of "Brannigans Law")


The Smelly Winds Of Change

Dev Dawn has had a massive visual overhaul.

Big shouts out to the following:

Paul Stamatiou really opened my eyes to just what can be done in the world of the interweb, blogs, and ‘net stuff. Plus, it’s his mod on the K2 theme that i’m using. Deviance.

The K2 Theme rocks. Simple. It’s very cool. Thankyou to the Binary Bonsai boys.

Lastly, I’m using a few new plugins. They are:

Brian’s Latest CommentsFeedburner PluginGravatarWP-ContactForm Ha ha, this was already plugged in. Silly me.

Thankyou very much. Everyone.

Especially WordPress. Without it, I’d still be beating my head against a wall trying to get Joomla to act like a simple blog. Heh.

‘Nuff Said.