Mark Deuce

Spending an entire Saturday (and most of Friday night) working on my Inventory System has caused me to think more deeply about creating a new, second edition. And that leads me to something more profound.

You cannot truly design, develop and code a system without an understanding of the processes. Or at least I can’t. Because even now that i do understand better the, for example, Accounting process needed, I’m not creating from scratch, but patching. Adding a field to fix the problem, rather than designing the Journal all over again with my new-found understanding.

So where does that lead me?

1. Have a better methodology for changing/upgrading existing code. Plan, baby, plan. Get it on paper, thoughts, brainstorm. Make sure you cover eventualities, and in thinking through the ones you know, most probably others will come to light, giving you further depth in your understanding.

2. Keep a track of these immediate ideas for Version 2. Because one day I do want to do it.

Yeah, developing software is an awesome experience. And it keeps getting better. But I want to continue to improve my own methods along the way, getting better all the time.

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