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Okay, here’s some cool articles/posts i picked up on today through Slashdot. They range in topic.

This one is very interesting. After reading through most of the posts, it’s easy to see trends. That there aren’t any really. Every man and his dog posts on Slashdot, so you get every perspective. And this is good. I’m happy to have my job the way it is :).

Brain stuff has always interested me. Neural … capacity … .

A Comparison of OpenOffice and MS Office. It’s pretty obvious who the writers think wins. On a side note … Open Office 2.0 is ready for download.

Simpson’s in Arab Television. Omar? Badr? It’d be interesting to see what kind of things they changed.

If anyone’s been following the craziness of arguments surrounding violence/sex in video games (Sims2, GTA:San Andreas, …), then this article might interest you. Looks like Jack Thompson might be getting a swift kick in the …

Anyway. That’s all for now. Just news posts, no great intellectual insights … heh heh.

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