How Often Do You Look Back At What You Write?

This evening I had the wonderful experience of going back through all the previous posts (of course, all in my case is less than a hundred, so it’s nothing for most), pushing them into the new categories.Which incidentally will not necessarily stay the way they are. Experimental is the word.

Anyway. As I perused through the posts, which aren’t that old, I found myself thinking, Why did I write that?, and What a dingus. As short as my blogging career has been, have I really moved far enough forward to see previous lameness?

I don’t think so. I’m still going to write as I did, although hopefully with a little more skill each day.

I guess I’m wanting to know if people read their previous posts and get a little embarrassed. And what, if anything, you do about it.

I want to become a better blogger, or whatever the new term will become. I think blogger is okay. It’s like saying your a journalist without being a journalist. Although I’m sure actual journalists would go bezurk over that. But it is … when I tell family members that I have a blog, there is still a sense of mystery. Or authority might be the better word. Maybe.

It might just be that I’m very tired and lacking in any usual facilities that will stop me blabbing on.

Thanks for your time.

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