No Naughty Bits

So it’s a little bizarre. Just fired up the ol man to wave, friction reducing vehicle (ha ha, Surf Ninja’s, you funny movie, rob scneider before he was famous) … I mean, this mornings Inbox contained an email from the Other ads people, saying that my site wasn’t quite right. Now there aren’t any naughty videos/pics that I know of, and the content is right up click-alley. I guess it must be the traffic.

So in a month I’ll try again. Because in a month … TOTAL DOMINATION. I mean … < hem >, Phase Alpha of my plan for the subversing of the Internet Nation will be complete.

Anyway. The planning for the next phase of some kind of plan is well underway. The vision of Dev Dawn is still about community, the sharing of ideas, about Information :: Conduits Of, Interfaces To (heh, man I love that little phrase). More Soon.

As an aside, I’m very keen to implement some form of Comments functionality using the Ajax understanding. I’d love to see other sites which have this working. Not neccessarily WordPress sites, any and all are good.

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