The Signs Are Here

Ajax is here. How can we tell? Apart from the crazy amount of press, people are developing IDE’s that work exclusively in the medium of (gummy) Ajax. Well, maybe not exclusively, but that quote just popped out.

Anyway, this article (from the Firebird Database Community News) gives an interview with the Morfik team. What’s that name? Morfik. It looks pretty sweet. It’s the kind of application that will build great applications, and they are saying the right things to bait the hook.

web applications that run on the desktop after being unplugged from the web


We believe that this will usher in a new era that challenges the dominance of conventional software applications on the desktop.

Those are very cool concepts, things I’ve been rambling about for a couple of months. And these folk have put them into reality. Nice work Morfik-Peeps.

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