The Earth Project :: Part The First

Okay, after a lot of browsing forums and tutorials and sites, I’ve decided that the next step is to create a small app that handles the KML files (KML Tutorial. It will run as an editor. New, Open, Save, Save As …

There is a lot I have no clue about yet. I need to examine more closely the dll’s in the Google Earth folder. Check out the functions in them, see what can be manipulated.

Also, I’m still not quite sure about what limitations the different versions hold. You can create whatever KML files you want, but I guess the ability to read all the parts of those files relies on the version of Google Earth you have. Version might not be the right word … as they’re all Version 2.0 (eg) … I guess the "Edition" maybe. Anyway.

Not that this is an impedance for the first stage of The Earth Project.

A KML Editor. It’s been done, no doubt. But I’ll do it again.

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