The Earth Project

Have decided to blog the latest crazy project my brain has latched onto.

Google Earth (the beta) has been out for a while now. Risk via Google Maps has been slashdotted. It’s a basic, but pretty cool, implementation showing what you can when scratching the surface of GEarth. GEwar is found at Google Earth Hacks. The game itself requires registration.

But anyway … on to the purpose. These, and other news, prompted my interest to expand. What can be done with Google Earth? Or indeed, with any other api’s from the Big Gurus … Microsoft, Yahoo, … There is a wealth of possibilities, but there needs to be direction, as always.

In the particular industry I’m thinking of, Google Earth has massive potential. Both Google Maps and Google Earth, although I particularly like the idea of being able to control Google Earth within your own application, but not sure if that’s possible yet. Ideally you would use both, to full advantage. Having both would maximise "viewership".

Anyway, will be charting the progress of this project. It may never fly, but if it does, it’ll be blogged here.

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