Why Google Will Be Taught In History

Disclaimer :: This has all been said before no doubt … but that’s the beauty of the net. Of the blog. It’s my version.

At lunch today with John, one of the Dev Dawn Originals, I freaked myself out with a simple statement about Google.

Their genius was not in developing their own product (or not overtly), but in being the conduit for everyone else’s information. They didn’t sell anything Google. Google was the pipe, everything else the stuff that passes through it.

This is what will be taught at schools in a few years, if not now. That Google took the internet and made it their own by enveloping all the entire mess that’s out there with their own pipe/casing/…

And now, furthering this burgeoning empire, they are putting Interfaces on that information. The photos/images, the shopping, the blogging, the email. It’s amazing just how it all breaks down.

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