2. Engine

There are quite a few blogging engines available today. It’s important to choose the one that will give you the best shot at doing what we are about … Blogging. Writing your own, or getting into a very complicated blogging tool, is all well and good, but when the purpose is blogging, being able to post without trouble, then it’s very important to look at what you are going to use.

I began my blogging by writing my own engine. At the time, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know the word "blog", and didn’t realise what a "content management system" was.

But now I’ve progressed. This blog was the first on the road to enlightenment.

WordPress. It’s the engine of choice for many people. Myself included. It’s got the power I need with the simplicity I need. It’s moddable. This is a big selling point. In fact, it’s a point all in itself.

  • Modability.

Modability is vital because … a single mind comes up with a good idea … but a community, coming up with one idea each, gives a massive increase in functionality. This is the reason why I continue to use WordPress. There are a wealth of mods (plugins/themes) available. Plugins and Themes. There’s even Themes that are more mods than plugins.

To clarify, a Theme changes the way your blog looks, and a Plugin adds/changes the functionality of your blog.

But then there’s K2 which is a Theme that’s so much more than a theme. Dev Dawn uses the K2 theme, along with Paul’s Style for that Theme. Confused yet … my mind is whirring with excitement :).

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