Sibisy, Man Alive

Okay, so I’m done. 2 hours. I’m going to article this up, but I’ll outline some stuff right now.

  • Got way too distracted on the small stuff. Got all the way through the Bills, and didn’t get to Bill Payments, which was the last file-part of the puzzle. Lots more that I wanted to do.
  • The No-Code rule really narrowed down the options. Couldn’t really use .inc files to establish Base Types, File Paths, and other mandatory stuff. Really was good to clear out a few cobwebs.
  • Got a little lost a few times, not really knowing where to go with the fields and other things. This was probably because the telly was on and distracting me :), but also need to have a better grasp of the material.

There is lots more, but I need to compose my thoughts, upload the file, and create the pages needed.

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