Spherical Phoke

I’m finally putting into place the beginnings of an idea, that I call … Spherical Phoke. Some kind of clever play with words, maybe not so clever. Developers are supposed to think outside of the square … so, we are Spherical Phoke. Aww, c’mon, that makes perfect sense.

Anyway, it’s going to begin with Interviews of Developers/Techo-Bloggers/… from across the globe.

One interesting thing is that I’m trying to implement the initial part of the funcitonality using Jalenack’s Wordspew, for the interview. I like the idea of having a bit of flexibility in the interviewing, rather than a form to fill out, or an email to respond to. Of course, if this doesn’t work, I’ll most probably be doing something like that :).

I have a report to code now, but hopefully I’ll be done in time to get Wordspew running the way I want.

Till Later We Meet

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