Blizzard Teaches Me Stuff

How are we to go about Software Development? That is, what mix of Innovation and Evolution should there be within our project? This is the stupidly high-browed question that is flicking away at my brain at the moment.

Blizzard make great games. They are game that Evolve the genre rather than Innovate. But they are so good, the little things done so well, that their practice almost becomes an innovation in and of itself. I mean seriously, in any area of software development, how many companies do the little things really well?

And then there is innovation, in the sense that most people mean, NEW NEW NEW. New functionality, new methodologies, new UI’s …

I’m not sure that this kind of innovation is necessarily needed for success in the marketplace. Especially in business, it’s how well the little things are done in a program that count. Once you have these right, you can build from there. But if you don’t have these right (Bill has to pound this into me every other day) then you got nothin. That’s right … Nothin’.

So this is a babble post. A half-formulated idea rambling into not much more :).

The new project is consuming any free time I have. It’s getting very exciting. My classes are working well, simple, but well. Have cheated a little using Global Variables for a few things, but plan to iron those out with the Options functionality. Although that’s extra, around the sides stuff. The main goal must stay pure. Nothing extra until it’s done.

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