First Game Project :: Journal #003

And now for the case of the missing Journal Entry. It’s the post below, I just forgot about the naming convention .. this is the post.

Anyway, on with the show.

So the project is progressing well. Ups and downs. My brain really has trouble with the simplest of physics stuff, but handles the database side pretty well. Have been having a ball going back to simple vector stuff, coordinate geometry, circle and pi equations .. it’s all learning, or re-learning as the case may be.

I’ve just realised I need to implement States. I know, should’ve been prelim stuff, but i guess we’re still in the prelim mode, so that’s okay. States for each Object. It will be a simple bunch of states to choose from, depending on the type of Object. Not sure about them yet, have to think it through more. It’s basically to say, "This object is moving", or "This object has hit something", or "This object is now rebirthing". That sort of thing.

I have simplified the design for the moment. I was getting too complicated, trying to have lots of different functionality, but just thinking that through was bogging down the project. So I cut it down to bare bones.

One current problem i’m waging war against, is that of the AI movements of the objects. There are a bunch of spheres in the gameworld that are homing in on one particular set of coordinates. There are some random numbers being thrown into the vectoring/movement coding .. but it’s pretty lame. And they home in particularly wierdly. Straight line to one of the axis, then straight to the focal object.

Anyway. Am rambling a little. Brain fried. Need some relax time.


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