The Light Dawneth

It took me a while, but I think I may understand what happened to the feeds. Can’t believe it didn’t occur before. Two days ago was when the upgrade to 2.02 happened, from 1.5 (WordPress). So yeah, that’s a pretty viable reason.

In other awesome news, this Wired article showed me a new development tool .. Playsh.

It’s a pretty cool concept. The environment is a text adventure / MUD. You traverse through the code structure (routines I would think, procedures, etc) by normal text travel. North, South, …

From the Sourceforge page, here’s their Summary :

playsh is a narrative-driven "object navigation" client, operating primarily on the semantic level, casting your hacking environment as a high-level, shell-based, social prototyping laboratory, a playground for recombinant network toys.

Not sure what increases in productivity it would give. But there’s definately an old-school coolness about it.

The Wired article gives some better background. There is a definate goal behind the development of playsh. And it was created to solve another problem, which is a fine way for a tool to be birthed. There’s nothing better than creating a tool to achieve that goal and realising that the tool is far more important than the original goal.

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