Jamash, The Software to Rule

If only we could build our dreams.

Jamash would be my baby.

It wouldn’t be actual applications, but rather technology. It would combine all the methodologies I’ve learned over the past couple of years along with all the stuff I’ve/We’ve dreamed of. A clean structure for plugins. Unparalleled User Interface. Error/Action reporting & logging. Simple (but powerful) interface between the web and desktop. In fact, it would bridge the gap like nothing before it. You could develop single systems, client/server, or even a super-structure of nodes and leaves throughout the world.

Jamash would be the grail, for myself at least.


I guess I’ve never thought about that kind of long-term achievement within software development. I mean, I’ve got plenty of dreams, but never crystalised into that kind of purpose.

Jamash would do that. It could be a gaming platform, because that’s really one of my secret unfulfilled desires. Secret Ha ha.


Say it slow. Say it loud. Jamash.

It roles off the tongue.


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