Projman .. My first WebBaby

Welcome to the intial release (in a pre pre pre alpha form, ha ha) of Projman .. a Project Management System that allows you to access your Todo’s from anywhere you can access the web.

As it is an initial product, the extent of it’s functionality is small. Basic. But the potential is there I believe.

One exciting aspect of this "project" is that it showcases the wonderful NetTalk 4 (WebServices).

I have had some trouble with child browses, but Bruce (i believe i read this somewhere) is on the ball, adding support for this very shortly (if not already). Once I can get them working, the functionality will expand (think Sub-Tasks, very important).

Edit: After checking the latest version of NetTalk 4 .. these are indeed implemented. So the next version of Projman should include them. Nice.

Visit the Projman page, or just download it.



As of 0.1.0 you must point your web browser to .. a future version will allow the user to change this.


There may be an issue with the Install. It could be that I’ve missed a dll that is inherent to clarion. It’s harder to test for, because no "errors" come up telling you what dll is missing.

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