The Day My Brain Broke

Yesterday was a long day.

You know what I’m talking about.

There were a few uglies that reared their head in the project. I was sure I’d smashed them to pieces before. I knew there was an answer.

So, obviously, instead of actually utilising the problem-solving skills I’ve worked hard at the last few years, my brain froze. Following is the conversation I had.

It’s hopeless. Nothing is working. It’s all a shambles. I can’t get anything to work. You may as well go home and take a nap. Mmmmmmm, chicken and chips.

Also, here’s an awesome rendering of my state of mind:


So what was the solution?

There’s lots of fancy names. I simply use :: DeTransCombuSegmeFreeTationalism .. or:

Stop. Break things down. Take a look at each piece in the puzzle.

It was around 5pm, which is the best time to come back to a problem. I’d done some other work for a few hours. So I then went back to the teaching of sensei .. or something like that.

It took approximately .. about .. 2 minutes to find the problem. Actually less, but implementation is added into that :).

Just to show I’m not a one-picture-man-band .. here’s the after shot:


So, to everyone who bullrushes into problems (like I did), not thinking, not using the methodologies that work so well .. please continue! Makes me feel okay .. heh heh. Well, no, don’t continue. Take a leaf out of my hard-learned book.

It’s always better to discipline your mind to run in certain patterns of problem-solving. Always. So that even the small problems are done in this way, examining them, breaking them down, looking for the far-reaching consequences.

Anyway, as our favourite admantium bone-covered mutant hero has been known to propound .. ‘Nuff Said.

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