A Bad Brain Freeze

Apologies for the lack of any posting the last couple of days. I recently discovered what a lumbar puncture is .. and that my back has either too much fat or too many muscles to allow for one. So two doctors and five long pokey tries later, and they still couldn’t get to my spinal fluid.

I had a bit of an episode at rugby training. The fires of a thousand suns exploding in my head .. that sort of thing. Not that I’m making light of the situation .. okay, i am. It was pretty scary at the time. With that much pain I wasn’t so much scared as pragmatic .. kind of out of body .. well, if this is it Lord .. look after the wife and kids..

But anyway. There were no side-effects, nothing the doctors could latch onto. So no prognosis either.

The result is that I’ll probably not play rugby for a while :) ..


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