Casting My First Interview

Note :: This mp3 is 40+ megs, so it might take some time if you have anything less than adsl speed.


Be nice okay. Listening to my mannerisms and bad bad BAD technique in this interview gives me the willies. But everyone starts somewhere, and I couldn’t have picked better people to start with. Thanks Bruce & Jono (Capesoft), thankyou very much.

In the Interview we get to find out a few things about Bruce & the folk over at Capesoft.

  • History of Capesoft, the first (and sort of first) Tools they created.
  • Work ethics
  • How the Web is affecting our work
  • The Clarion community
  • and at least 40 minutes more!

Once again, I realise there are so many things wrong with my interviewing technique. So try and look past this. It’s a first run for myself, and I learnt a lot, so much, from this experience.


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