Bob Calms The Storm

Bob Z has posted on the Softvelocity Blog re the Clarion UKCUG meeting.

It’s a clarification post, addressing misinformation that occured on Dev Dawn (and consquently ClarionMag.

This will be a good thing for the community I believe.

Bob is blogging, talking to the community. One of the most common complaints I read on the newsgroups is SV’s lack of communication.

Dev Dawn was reporting straight away, and despite me not being there, going through Mark, it turned out okay.

I responded to each and every clarification that was shown to me. I’m not at all worried about changing what I’ve already written if it’s wrong, it would be silly to be so arrogant as to take that stance. But I’d do it again in an instant (with some more wisdom intact of course, perhaps a micro-second slower :)), because we’re the community. We pass info around.

Noone can be responsible for how someone else reacts to the information but that individual themselves, the only thing to do is to make sure the information is accurate.

So thanks to Bob for blogging. Clarifying. Communicating.

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