Jumping Into a Bandwagon

Here I am. Typing away within the boundaries of Writely.

Moving to GMail was simpler than I thought. Now it’s a case of testing out Writely, to see if it will help, amongst other things, my blogging.

So I’m bringing this post to you via Writely.

Okay. So there is a hitch. I might be being petty .. but the Title doesn’t come across from Writely to WordPress. That’s pretty lame. I had to add the title for this post myself.

Most definately puts a dampener on my enthusiasm to use Writely for blogging.

The other issue that has just come to mind is this .. There is more to a post than just the content. I have mutliple Categories (sometimes) and Tags. Tags especially are important. I like to add them to each post (mostly by way of the awesome Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin).

Makes me wonder just how hard it would be to knock together a little engine in between an html file and the xmlrpc.php functionality for wordpress. I’d have to say, probably not very.

Ha ha. It’s not that Writely DOESN’T send the Title across .. it sends across a BLANK title. When you Republish a post, it strips the title you may have entered yourself through the WordPress Admin.

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