Funny Name, Awesome Magic

Gliffy. Remember the name. It’s gonna change the way you work.

Gliffy is an online drawing program. It’s kind of like SmartDraw, but it’s free. And awesome.

Above is a link generated by making the drawing viewable to the outside world.

A deeper review is coming soon, once my current work-load eases a little.

Edit (28-09-06) ::NOPE .. had nothing to do with this post. It had a lot to do with the way the sidebar logic gives you a snippet of the post and the way the
tag is morphed with spaces. Nice.Edit (26-09-06) ::Unfortunately, it seems to play a little havoc with some of my css. If you’re a Firefox wielder (IE is clean from this, dagnabbit), you can see it in the sidebar .. all but the top post snippet have been bolded. This could be totally unrelated to anything Gliffy. Better do some tests.

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