And Now, The News

So much information. Over the past couple of weeks there’s been a lot going on in this brain. Mostly web stuff, applications.

Gliffy, as mentioned previously, for which the video review is forthcoming.

ThinkFree, an online Office Document Management system, from which I’m currently scribing this.

NOPE .. as you can see from the two posts below, it didn’t quite work the way I was imaging. Still, was fun trying. Bit disappointing, Writely will have to continue along for now.

DabbleDB, the online database system that wow’d everyone a few months back. If you haven’t heard, just watch a few of their demo movies. Very cool.

Posticky, an online note system. This one is great for myself, when I want to just jot down stuff about something I’m using. Today I was using DabbleDB quite heavily, and realised I needed to take down somewhere my thoughts of the system as I was using it. Posticky is just the thing. Fits very well into, well, created a new process for me. One that is of great benefit. When I come to review DabbleDB, or anything else, I can go back over the notes I wrote while using it. This also means I don’t have to review straight away, but can spend some time mulling over the product while still retaining that initial experience info.


As well, I’ve come up with a creative writing blogging experiment. A story for us. Story-telling for the web2.0 world. Not sure if it will go anywhere, we’ll see.

I’m still putting little bits of time into updating DevDawn with the latest WordPress build and K2 theme. The problem is that I haven’t set my testbed apache/mysql/php server up on here (laptop). That might be a good thing, because I can put the all in one Xampp into play. Will have to do that soon.

Then there is my actual job, which is progessively taking more time. This is not a bad thing so much .. it’s more that I’m investing greater amounts of myself into it at the moment because the part of the project at the moment is so very cool.

I’m finding myself reassessing other aspects. My brain actually thinks on the spot when spending time with the fam that I need to squeeze everything I can out of these times. Not because there will be less, but because it’s too important not to. Work is not my ruler. Work is something I am passionate about, and give a great deal to (and I include all my extra-curricular work in here too, blogging, development, crazy ideas) .. because it’s not my chief end. That’s a bit of a weird statement I guess.

Anyway, it’s late, my brain is heavily mushed, and I still have to watch some taped tv before the amount of stuff to view becomes far greater than my time to view it in :).

Finally, my old-school game resurgence continues with Baldur’s Gate 2. It’s still awesome. I’m only putting a couple of hours every couple of days. And now have the added draw of seeing the hype for Neverwinter Nights 2, and having it get me excited about that particular gaming experience.

I even fired up the original with xp’s and took a look into the Toolset. Wish I’d spent a bit of time with it earlier in the piece. It really sparks my imagination .. all these ideas start firing up about story-telling. Seems like a very accessible means. This might be because the idea of scripting and such is no hairy-scary for me anymore.

Anyway, cheers for reading this overly-large piece of ill-formed prose (stupid brain, trying too hard to make up smart sentences).

‘Nuff Said,

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