Long Blank Stares

There isn’t much more frustrating that sitting staring at that compile window on a big app, waiting .. waiting .. waiting.

Welcome to another .. Choose Your Own Adventure.

Do you ..?

1. Take a walk outside. You never know what zany events will occur that will take your mind off the insanity of compiling. You might get into a blue down at the pub, or walk through the park and find a dollar on the ground. You might see a cloud that looks like a sheep, or perhaps wander into a forgotten antiques store and find a box of comics to sit down and read.

2. Go and have a rest. This one’s a perler. I mean seriously, what is it that the programmer needs but never gets? Sleep.

3. Watch some telly. Specially if you’ve got a few taped shows to catch up on.

4. Do other work. Now we’re talking, keep the mind active! This is probably the hardest (except for maybe the next one), but the best. You get to maximise your time.

5. Continue to stare at the screen, willing your latent psyd-kick abilities into play. Don’t screw up, or I WILL DESTROY YOU.

  • If you chose 5, congratulations! You have successfully traversed this Adventure.


It’s late, my mind is wandering, and this is almost as close to working as I can get while waiting for that Generating compile window to NOT BREAK.

There is no sleep for me,

None at all for this weary head.

Long ago did mortals rest,

The sun is shortly risen.


This screen before me,

It fades to blur.

Eyes focussed,

On something more.


Who caves first, Me

Or it?

Not sure I really care,

I’m such a git.

Heh heh. Nice last line.

Anyway, please don’t fret :), I have full use of all my faculties dear reader .. Well, I’m still typing, that’s gotta be something.

‘Nuff Said,

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