Another Comic .. A Regular Dikto .. Ha ha


Well .. I tells ya, this craze had better get over soon, because it’s a time sink like nothing else. Unlike a computer game, my brain is always learning with this. Today’s comic dabbles in a little shading. It’s not really good, or even moderately good, but it’s a start.

Spot the missing object. Probably more than one, but there’s one particular thing that might snap any suspension of disbelief .. (although c’mon, this is a comic Stu).

Also, looking over it .. I forgot a lot of plans .. like shading Tom’s face and pants and hair. Hair and Face especially .. very important for adding a little more to the picture.

So yeah,

Honesty Lost : Part 1.

There are two (planned) further parts .. the third should go a little quicker .. although the second is a completely different location, so everything except Tom is new .. and even he will be mostly changed.

Just a pic now i slapped together .. found drawing Tom was a lot easier when i first broke him down into circles and spheres .. the basic shapes.


Anyway .. sleep is a-calling. Night All.

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