Third Time, Not Really The Charm (And Not Really The Third Time)


Well. Here’s another strip. This time, it’s five panels.

I also tried doing a thumbnail link from the post to the actual comic .. but Windows Live Writer won’t play ball.

Going to include the thumbnail anyway ..


I’m not particularly happy with it .. not as much as the simplicity of yesterday’s.

There’s problems with the script, with the coloring, shading, the proportions .. but you know .. i’m understanding more about this caper every day. Which is cool.

The slight fuzziness is because i decided to go low pixel width and height .. because my poor laptop wasn’t handling the strain of 5000 pixel wide drawings, even though they make for the best .. cause they shrink down so much clearer. Anyway .. I’m sure there’s some way of keeping small file size AND getting crisp image files.

Anyway. This has now taken me to about 5am .. which is crazy. I can’t imagine the number of things I’ve forgotten to do in the comic .. but right now .. I’m just gonna sign off and move on. To bed. Then move on. To do another comic.

‘Nuff Rambled,

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