Never Too Old To Start Something New


Comic Books .. Awesome literature :) At least, I’ve always thought so. From The Phantom to X-Men, I’ve always loved em.

An idea has been a-brewing for some time now, since registering a domain name about nerds.

The following strip comes from this brewing storm, plus the newly broken in Wacom :) .. It’s not going to be the first in the actual comic .. the nerd site needs an introductory comic after all .. but this is what I began on yesterday.

There’s plenty wrong, as you’ll no doubt spot. I have no idea really how to draw, except what I see others do. My anatomy is all out, hands, eyes, mouths .. the text isn’t really the right size .. and the lame color background either needs to be white, or have something better ..

But you know, none of that really matters. Because you do it enough, and a style will develop. Do it enough, and it becomes a style in and of itself. Plus .. I’m having a blast.

The only downside (ONLY) is the time it consumes. Seriously, drawing this thing sucked quite a few hours in between yesterday and today .. although I managed to work through today without plugging the wacom (usb) in until about 6pm. Niiiiice.

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