Rebooted .. Niggles Not-Withstanding

Well .. the face has changed, as has the underbelly.

The frontpage of Dev Dawn now looks substantially different. This is mostly to accomodate my comic fetish. Some of the new design might not stay the same. The single post, the blocks, no sidebar.

Of course, underneath things are similar to previous. The K2 theme has been upgraded to it’s latest incarnation. And this puppy is good. I’ve heard of problems, but as of yet, nothing I’ve experienced yet has brought grief.

Saying that .. there is something I’ll have to look into.

  • Refreshing the page (F5) causes a major long load, and then the Rolling Archives control to sit there loading indefinately. Not sure why this is. Perhaps it’s my own code. Perhaps not. I’ll investigate on the forums etc tomorrow.  
  • Also on the list of things todo is an Ajax Loader .. I’ve got the gif, just need to implement. And from a quick ferret around, it looks like i’ll need one of those library/framework thing-a-me-jigs. Prototype most like.
  • Need to work on the css for the K2 Sidebar
  • IE and it’s png no-read transparency requires that I fiddle with the pngs.

For now, I’m going to bed.

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